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Global ICO Transparency Alliance (GITA)

  GITA is founded upon by a group of industry professionals from the global Blockchain community on May 6th, 2018. GITA is a global non-profit initiative formed out of the desire to address pressing issues and negative impressions generated by the way Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”) are being conducted to date. GITA seeks to promote a self-regulatory framework and sustainable ecosystem, both in the pre- and post- ICO phases, to drive transparency and accountability across the globe.
  Substantial work has already been done focusing on the pre-ICO phase by Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan and many more up and coming jurisdictions out there. Yet across the globe there hasn't been a lot focused on the post-ICO phase, which left a gap with many investors feeling burnt and vulnerable.
  GITA believes that it is only through collaboration with various blockchain and crypto associations across the globe, active engagement with regulators and compliance, creating a clear and stable environment for investors and partners to invest, can we further the development of blockchain technology as a community.
  Rather than reinventing the wheel, GITA wants to build on and share all the good work from many more countries to make it truly global. In true Blockchain spirit, we will not have an overly rigid and formal structure, we want to create "Nodes" or "Super Nodes", who will be responsible for driving the various initiatives in their home city or country.
  Founding members of GITA include representatives from Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Vietnam who are already involved in Blockchain and Crypto Associations and / or regulatory work. We welcome all of you representing your country’s / city’s blockchain and crypto association around the globe to join us in realizing this vision going forward.

About GITA Members

TFTA (Taiwan)
Transparency Committee

The Taiwan FinTech Association is aimed at spurring on the flourishing development of Fintech industry.
Offical Web : http://www.fintech.org.tw/

Karen Smith
Comms Director

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Peter Reed
Web Designer

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Bruce Roberts
Web Designer
Steve Allen
Web Developer
Todd Ken
Sales Manager

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GITA, by building upon the platform developed by the TFTA, embarks on the new journey in creating a healthy cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

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