Global ICO Transparency Alliance

GITA is a global non-profit initiative formed out of the desire to address pressing issues and negative impressions generated by the way Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”) are being conducted to date. GITA seeks to promote a self-regulatory framework and sustainable ecosystem, both in the pre-ICO and post-ICO phases, to drive transparency and accountability across the globe.

What is GITA?

GITA or Global ICO Transparency Alliance is a Global Network Organisation based on principles of self governance, transparency and democracy. We envisioned this organisation in order a protect investors, provide access to information about crowdfunding campaigns on blockchain, their progress thereafter and become a forum for knowledge-sharing and industry improvement. It is founded by a group of industry experts to support the nascent industry, protect investors and help ICOs succeed in their efforts of value creation.

At the core of GITA is its transparency platform. GITA it is not hierarchical. Based on principles of blockchain it consists of Super Nodes and Nodes, the foundation, founding members council and steering groups. Global governance requires various stakeholders participation, that is why GITA unites non-government organisations, crypto investors, independent rating agencies, exchanges, academia and more. At GITA we believe that the future of ICOs is bright. This type of crowdfunding will evolve, changing global capital markets, securities issuing and providing level-playing field to all investors in the world.

GITA supports and encourages entrepreneurship and innovation - entrepreneurship without borders where startups from all over the world have equal chance to realise their potential, develop new technologies and contribute to the growth of local economies. That’s why we support Initial Coin Offerings as a cornerstone of democratised funding, accessible to every talented group of people across the globe. The first time in human history we have a chance to let bright minds pave the way to innovation outside the centres of major capital allocations while protecting investors at the same time.

GITA Principles

GITA is founded on principles of self governance as a Global Solution and Standards Network. Contrary to traditional hierarchical organisation, the architecture of GITA is inspired by blockchain technology - it is decentralised and transparent with various stakeholders taking part in its co-creation and development. We invite crypto funds, crypto exchanges, non-government organisations, academia, technology community and governance institutions from every corner of the world to get involved, share knowledge and lead the industry transformation.

We acknowledge that in the new technological era regulations differ from governance. Just like Internet democratised information and created the whole global ecosystem of stakeholders, blockchain advanced technology becoming Internet 2.0, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) democratises funding and supports equal access to capital for companies world-wide.

The problem

However, the problem facing this nascent industry lays in unfair practices by ICO projects. Many projects see crowdfunding on blockchain as a quick money grab while various forks of existing blockchains are purposeless. Such behaviour undermines the industry, contributes to the creation of market bubble and poses serious risks of money loss. Moreover, projects who strive to provide real value-creation are identified by many as scams.

Regulations and guidance vary country by country and in many cases are based on outdated laws impeding innovation. Startups and investors face challenges from being misinformed to being prosecuted. Unfair investment practices lead to risks for individual investors part taking at the latest stages of the ICOs. Token holders lose their investments with little support from industry players. It is time for a chance and we want GITA to be the cornerstone of the fair democracy for crowdfunding on blockchain.

The solution

With the help GITA transparency platform we want to create level playing field for professional and individual investors with the access to information from the beginning of crowdfunding startups to post-ICO progress, road map delivery, financial performance and more. We envisioned GITA platform to protect token-holders and help startups who work towards value creation provide confidence to their community of supporters.

GITA wants to support those startups who work hard, create new solutions, help blockchain technology strive and change the world. The platform will also help startups navigate various regulations and simplify information disclosure much needed for a successful ICO launch. Commercial players like crypto funds and exchanges are encouraged to contribute to this platform development setting examples of transparency, best practices to support individual investors to navigate global ICO landscape.

The Supernodes

The Supernodes of GITA act as community leaders and organizers. Supernodes create their own communities, namely the Nodes and members, and are encouraged to involve their Nodes and members in contributing to the availability of information on the Transparency Platform about local rules and regulations, research material about the industry trends and technology and any other relevant information.

Representatives from Taiwan Fintech Association, Thai Blockchain Association, Korea Blockchain Association, ICORating and Regulus Investment and Capital Holdings have signed a written commitment during a closed-door meeting in Seoul to become GITA Supernodes, and together with Hong Kong Blockchain Association, became the first batch of Supernode members.

There will be more Supernodes on the page in the near future, and we are open for any organization that are willing to contribute get in touch with us!

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